Mazzy graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 2018 with a BFA in graphic design. She also studied ceramics and printmaking. Mazzy is now a first grade teacher at a Baltimore City Public School. She still works as a designer and artist on the side. Read about projects Mazzy is currently working on here and here.

deeeeeeep downnnnn body thirst

gatorade! what u drink when u have the flu, a commercial for a sports drink without the sports

Save your throat!!!!

Work from my internship at ISL see more here and see them live here , digital photos

Tax Forms! But Easier

Redesign of tax forms, making them easier for everyone.

Ruffwear Rebrand

Your Traffic Cones Are In The Way

Life size ceramic traffic cones, ceramic, glaze, 2016

We've Always Referred To Them As Noodles

A collaborative show with Jack Coyle, 2016